Vivo’s IPL acquisition: China, changing the face of sports business

If you have worked long enough in the sports industry, the word China will always catch your attention. Previously, it was because of the premium Chinese athletes who would astonish you with skills beyond belief and normally top the medal tally in most sporting events. Nowadays, the word China makes you twitch a bit in... Continue Reading →


Rahul Dravid – a flop mentor but the one that Team India needs

2013 - Play-offs 2014 - Group stage 2015 - Play-offs 2016 - Group stage That's Rahul Dravid's CV as a coach/mentor. Add a Champions League final loss and a defeat in the World Cup U-19 final to that. The problem with Dravid, the mentor, is that his teams don't win trophies. In fact, when the... Continue Reading →

Two leggies, a short leg and a ‘Khan’-tastic show

Blame Rohit Sharma for Mumbai's loss to Delhi at Kotla. Just like MS Dhoni's ugly innings against the Royal Challengers, Rohit bungled the chase against the Daredevils. He Arsenal-ed it trying to pace his innings 'perfectly'. But Rohit Sharma didn't lose the game for Mumbai. Delhi won it. Zaheer Khan won it for them. Mumbai were... Continue Reading →


IPL 2014: The KKR fans owe Shah Rukh Khan an apology

The Kolkata Knight Rider fans owe Shah Rukh Khan an apology - there, I said it! All of us, including yours truly, who ever doubted Shah Rukh Khan's calibre as an owner to produce a champion team, owe him a heartfelt apology. KKR has lifted the IPL trophy twice in the last three years now.... Continue Reading →


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