Arsenal: The fault in their ‘Super’stars

*Opened Twitter, typed Alexis, muttered 'fuck it', unfollowed, closed Twitter* I did that last night as soon as he retweeted that lame-ass video of him playing GGMU. Like really? A piano? But I don't care. The Chilean mercenary is off my social feed. I don't have to suffer his bare-chested gym selfies anymore, nor do... Continue Reading →


Goodbye Diego. Leo is Argentina’s new Messi-ah

Metlife Stadium, 2016: Lionel Messi walked up to take his spot kick. His mates at the centre circle clutched onto each other's shoulders. Their eyes had a hint of nervousness but what could go wrong? Argentina had to score but Messi never misses. The Barcelona superstar placed the ball on the spot and looked up... Continue Reading →

Olivier Giroud: Not an Arsenal hero but a sedulous soldier

Normally Olivier Giroud is never shy while celebrating a goal. He wins an awkward header, puts it in the back of the net and wheels away towards the crowd. In fact, against Bournemouth last season, he's accused of celebrating too much. Against Bate, he didn't celebrate at all. It was a controversial penalty. Arsenal were... Continue Reading →


Arsene Wenger: For the Ned Stark of Islington, the winter has arrived

“We are fully aware of the attention currently focused on the club and understand the debate. We respect that fans are entitled to their different individual opinions but we will always run this great football club with its best long-term interests at heart." Arsenal chairman Sir Chips Keswick released a statement after a horrid month for... Continue Reading →


Lionel Messi and Argentina – a story of distrust and convenience

Quitter, escapist, loser, timid, traitor -- in the last few days, all these adjectives have been used to describe Lionel Messi. While the Argentine fans have spewed venom out of sheer anger, the rivals have hurled well-timed cheap shots at the greatest footballer in the world. For years, Messi has bored the blame of being... Continue Reading →


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